Tie match on joint ops

I just had a match on launch site (not a great map for this game type - spawns are like a minute away from the flag) where we scored two flags and the other team scored 1, yet it was a tie? What did I miss?

Also I ranked third on my team, yet got the 50xp for being top 50% of my team.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Your team scored 2 flags? The enemy scored 1? What was the final score? 2-2? If so, that means they must have stopped your team from scoring. If the attacking team fails to score, then the defenders are awarded a point.

My last round we swept the other team by cleanly defending twice, then successfully attacking once. We won 3-0.

Score was 3-3. How many rounds is it?

Usually it’s best of 5. First team to 3 points. Hmm that is strange.