TidBits The Living Dead Special

Stopping by the Halo forums to try and share my latest Halo gameplay video for halloween night! Might even be my first post here.

About the video:
TidBits is a series of videos I’ve been trying to do on a semi-regular basis to share the fun moments of Halo game day get-togethers with friends. Four player split-screen multiplayer as it should be played: with food, friends, and plenty of laughter.
With this installment, I decided to put together a special living dead themed video highlighting some of our Halo 3 Infection shenanigans in MCC.

Video link: TidBits: The Living Dead Special - YouTube

If you check it out, I hope you enjoy!

Watched the video, it was enjoyable to watch, brings some warm memories from when halo was younger and people would splitscreen to play and be struggling to see but having fun with everyone in the same room rather than playing with people online you dont necessarily know. I recommended creating more like this every once in a while, ill definitely be checking to see for more videos like it posted on your youtube :rofl:

Do you make any Halo 2 Anniversary videos? If so I have some very strange, but hilarious custom maps you you might be able to use in your next videos!