Tidal Canvas Glitch

I was building a map on the Tidal canvas under the Meteor Shower skybox and at first there were no problems. Unfortunately at around 500 pieces, the map suddenly got this weird glitched red lighting? I don’t know how to describe it? It seemed to get worse and worse with each piece and nothing I’ve tried has lessened the issue. It happens a LITTLE with the Stormy skybox but it makes the map unplayable with the Meteor Shower skybox. Has this happened to anybody else? It was a ton of work wasted.

How high is your Lightmap?

Ive had this happen on my maps before when I added a kill boundary… I never did figure out how to make it go away :confused:

Post a screenshot

This is a known bug. On every map there’s a light object that is invisible but is used to help create the lightng. Sometimes if u place an object too close too this it makes weird effects like this. It can be simply fixed by retracing your last edits until u find the object that is causing it. Also, I suggest heading to forgehub discord for issues like this in the future because they can answer you within the hour usually. Here you go: Discord
-expires in 6 hours btw