Thunderstrukk - looking for leaders

Allow me to preface this is a premature clan, in early stages of development.

This is my checklist to finish as of now

  • Finish clan website- Set up individual teams within community- Get Halo Clan Guild live- Play the gameTo look at the unfinished website (links do not work and domain isn’t registered yet) visit here: (domain will soon be

I’m looking for team leaders in my upcoming gaming community (I don’t like the word clan too much) to recruit members!

Thunderstruck team aspects:

  • Thunderstrukk is a full clan community, with teams inside of it that can play in clan battles or with the clan as a whole- Teams are 2-8 members total- Each team will have a leader- Teams can be either competitive or simply social players; this is up to the team leaderNow, teams can have all kinds of names!
    I currently have 2 teams implemented that I run myself for now, my social and competitive teams.

Social: Sneaky Lemon
Competitive: Skullhunt Freakshow

I’m looking for about 5-6 team leaders to start. Team leaders have full range to pick a name for their team and pick their own members. When the site is up and running, the clan will have a forum where members can register and talk.

Each team will get a “badge” with their name and symbol made by me
(You can see an example at the unfinished members page )

If you’re interested in making this a large community that plays custom games, matchmaking, campaign, spartan ops, and anything else you can think of, let me know! I’d love to have you as a team leader and a part of this fledgling clan!