Thunderbolts now recruiting

Thunderbolts - "Justice Like Lightning"
An Xbox clan/team affiliated with the Reddit Philanthropy movement. Founded on Metal Gear Online, and named after the marvel Anti-hero group. Our Goal is to simply be the best and the fastest. Our Mission is to form the perfect Community. A group without prejudice, racism, sexism, drama, politics, boundaries and favoritism. Have you had enough of the crap? Take my hand and lets build our own Haven…an Outer Haven.

Benefits of joining?

  • Practice sessions to enhance your Skills on Halo
  • A group of gamers to play with on a day to day basis
  • Participate in publicized clan matches (youtube, twitch, reddit, facebook, enjin, etc)
  • A group with no drama, and no bull$h**
  • An online family

How to join?
Just message: MetalWhiteWolf on the box. Even if you are not skilled and don’t want to participate in competitive you can still hang out with us and participate in all of our affairs.
Link to company: