You ever miss the nostalgia of clans where you knew every body and actually got to play with everyone? Where maybe you’d play in a clan vs clan battle once a week just for the bragging rights? Where you actually got to interact with the “leader” of the group regularly because they actually played the same game?

Let me introduce you to the Thunderbirds.

Unlike these “mega clans” that advertise hundreds if not thousands of members (most you’ll never meet let alone play with), the Thunderbirds aim to be a small community and as such space is limited on our roster.

What you’ll get in the Thunderbirds is a family like atmosphere. In fact we don’t have a hierarchal structure, the Community votes on any actions to be taken including the acceptance of new members!

Members are encouraged to host and attend as many events as they can (are able) and right now we have at least a couple of events scheduled every week. Events can range from simple matchmaking (pub stomping events), to weapon and vehicle familiarization/proficiency training events. So no matter your perceived skill level the Thunderbirds aim to help you improve (if you are willing) or just have some fun with people who communicate and play the objective!

We support Casual and Competitive gamers, primarily in North America and we are looking to eventually try and play “clan vs clan” matches (so something to look forward to!)

We do have a website potential members are required to register at the site. We use it to track Point Acquisition (which you earn through attending/hosting events) and Award issuance. Most of our operation is conducted on Discord here and any potential member will need to have Discord in order to be considered for membership as well as a working microphone.

The Thunderbirds do have a Recruit Probationary Period, essentially new members will need to register on the site, join the Discord Server, attend at least (2) events, be apart of the Thunderbirds for (2) weeks, and have their membership voted on by the members of the Thunderbirds before they are accepted as full members in the Thunderbirds.

We also have an activity requirement. In order to remain a member of the Thunderbirds you must attend at least (1) event every (2) weeks. We encourage you to play more if you can. But if you can’t meet that simple requirement why bother even joining a clan?

If you are interested in knowing more about the Thunderbirds please visit our website or check us out on Discord. But remember, space is limited, so don’t hesitate!