Thruster Pack needs improvement?

So in campaign the thruster pack throws you a pretty good distance and in multiplayer it feels like it’s hardly worth using. Obviously the one in campaign would be a bit cheap in multiplayer but maybe they nerfed the thrusters a bit too much. Thoughts?

Also upset with the BR not being DMR’s match even though they’re supposed to be balanced.

Its great in MP it has a high learning curve so people think because they are bad with it that its bad.

and all weapons are balanced. If your getting wrecked the player is better then you. I primarily use the BR and i trash the DMR consistantly.

During the games I’ve played, I believe that Battle Rifle is the better gun in more closer combat situations while the DMR is for more longer range combat situations.

For example, if I’m playing a game on Haven. I’m going to pick the Battle Rifle. If I’m on Ragnarok, I’m going with the DMR.

I agree that it has a learning curve. I still use it and it still helps and it is one of my favored abilities. I just think that it’s somewhat weaker than it probably should be.

The BR is way better on a close quarters map just can’t do -Yoink- in long areas. The point here is that the DMR has a slight advantage when it comes to damage. I also still hate the DMR from reach so I’m a bit biased lol.

Also I’ve gotta say. The light rifle is a better gun than both lol. 5 shots if you’re hip firing just like BR and DMR and 4 shots scoped. The rate of fire isn’t slow enough for you to lose to a DMR or BR when scoped.

The distance on the thruster pack doesn’t have to necessarily be greater either. Maybe just slightly more speed.

BR and DMR are perfectly balanced, so let’s stay on topic here. Honestly, I have no problem with any gun, grenade, armor ability other than thruster pack. I have it equipped on my primary loadout, and can’t get any use out of it, it just always gets me killed unless I thrust behind a wall or something. But in a 1v1 AR showdown, it not only doesn’t give you any tactical advantage, it’s more likely to get you killed. Now as with all armor abilities, 343i has done much to balance them from Reach. All of those tweaks have been great, except I think TP is too underwhelming. In Reach, evade has 2 uses before cooling down and you stayed in first person. I’m glad that they make it only one use and even that it takes you out of first person, but it simply doesn’t boost you far enough. Campaign and Flood TP works great, for those modes. I’m not asking for the same TP in Campaign or Flood, just one that boosts you about half as much. This is my only gripe about this game’s MP mode, 343i has done leaps and bounds above what I expected, and I hope they keep up the good work and continue to listen to its community of loyal fans.