Thruster pack+ mongoose=speed burst?

I’ve been seeing this in A couple threads now, would you guys want that?

It’d be cool, but as quickly as TP is used up without infinite usage, it wouldn’t last long enough to matter, but it would make for an interesting Race gametype.

That would be AWESOME.

Sure, why not? The Mongoose already is pretty underpowered compared to other vehicles, might as well allow it to have speed boosts with the Thruster Pack.

Although, on that same logic, one could argue that we should be able to jet Mongooses through the air with the Jetpack.

We said the same thing before reach came out, about the jetpack

Just give vehicles a full fledged attachment system with NOS as one of the attachments.

im using thruster in an operator class for the times you know your screwed and can just hop out and thrust away before you vehical goes kabloom

That’d be really good! Especially for Machinimas when you want to make an action kind of movie!

That would be cool!
If you could use it to push over gaps and an extra speed boost.

They should definitely do this!