thrust packs.

so this is a general topic about H5g thrusters, just general discussions about the moves containing the use of thruster packs in H5g, like the pros and the cons of said thrusters, any changes needed in them, need for removal or adding of moves or anything related to thruster packs overall.

I think they are fine. Personally I really like them.

I too like them, but if they were removed I wouldn’t care.

like for the first few things i ask are about the distance the thrust/boost gives to the user, is either one too short or long ranged? The next thing is the Power and range of ground-pound, the killzone seems fairly fair but the range that takes out the whole shields is quite big like it could be that near-miss takes the whole shield out and the farther you are, the less shield it takes out. The third thing is the lot discussed sprinting punch which seems to be according to older posts a bit too overpowered, maybe it could be that it has the same strenght as the normal melee or that it could be blocked with timed melee like with the sword in older installments?
and remember that if you have no opinion about these exact things, then you dont need to comment about those, but instead comment about whatever you want to discuss about thruster packs.

They are just auto strafers tl and they don’t really add or change much.

> Thrust a lot

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They’re too often abused to simply escape out of bad positioning which is the fault of the player, so it kinda just drags fights longer than they should be. But because the base speed is low in this game and bullet magnetism is pretty high, normal strafing isn’t very effective so thrusters are pretty much required. However, in future Halo games I would like their cool down and range to be decreased so that they could serve as a unpredictable and useful alternative to normal strafing, assuming base speed is higher than it is currently.

personally I love them but I also am kinda sad that they replaced the armor abilities but you I love them I think they are a great addition to halo

I’d very slightly increase their thrust power but I’d increase the cooldown from 4 seconds to 7 seconds so they are a bit more of a trump card in combat instead of a spammable move.

Or we could always remove them and most other SA’s in general or a classic playlist for good ole classic Halo… <_<

Love them, hate Spartan Charge.

Nothing more to say for me.

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