Throwdown Dispatch needs patch

A killzone NEEDS to be put on the roof of the tower on Throwdown dispatch. It’s just DMR/Sniper -Yoink!- the whole time. I was playing extraction, and you couldnt move off spawn for the “pew pew” and instant death.

That’s not going to happen. If you don’t want players picking you and your team off from there, don’t let them. It’s a key position that teams need to control if they want to have success on that map.

Your suppose to be able to go up there. Its called ring 3. That’s why they have jumps up to it. You should work with your team to try, and kill the guy. Also there is know way he is spawn killing you all by himself. I am sure his team mates are working with him. All you have to do is when you spawn in. Stand in one of the window where you spawn at. Put a few shots in. When he run’s around the circle. Make sure your team mate is ready to pick him off.