Throwback Playlist

So I’ve been playing Halo 4 for 2 weeks now. I’m really enjoying the game, but it’s crazy how a few subtle changes can make Halo feel so alien…

I want to discuss/suggest an idea to create a Halo Throwback playlist to solve this issue and appease those of us experiencing the same problem(s). The concept is that this playlist will play more like traditional Halo multiplayer.

Throwback Features:

  • Reduced Radar range (default range is ludicrously far…).
  • Taking damage while scoped will break scope (this is ruining the game).
  • Reach DMR or forced BR starts.
  • Boltshot removed.
  • Sprint removed (Optional).
  • Grenade swaps mapped back to an easily accessible button.
  • Binary Rifle removed.
  • All armor perks removed.
  • Mantis removed.
  • Button required to pick flags up (can’t drop flags though, this feature is cool)

The only “innovation” by 343 that I can really get behind, besides the inability to drop flags, is how they nerfed the Banshee. You guys did an excellent job on identifying how silly that thing was in Reach and fixing it.

That said, I really hope you guys continue to identify things in the same boat as the Banshee. The game shouldn’t need “pro” or “throwback” gametypes. Everything I’ve listed as a feature of “throwback” is something that, in my opinion, has fundamentally changed Halo to something not Halo.

No love? :frowning:

while i agree a classic playlist would be nice, i dont agree on removing certain weapons and whatnot.