Throwable Gravity Hammers?

Does anyone else think it would be awesome to be able to throw a gravity hammer like a spear once the energy had been depleted? For reference (3:40) Red vs. Blue: Season 9, Episode 15 | Rooster Teeth - YouTube. I’d also love to see maybe a ranged attacked like Tartarus does in Halo 2 (Near the end) Halo 2 Anniversary - Quarantine Zone: Johnson & Miranda, Arbiter & Brute Tarterus CGI Fight Cutscene - YouTube What do you guys think?

The grav hammer doesn’t seem very aerodynamic.

Would be super cool but I doubt it will be added cause it would be quite a bit of work for what would be a rare and mostly aesthetic function.

Too OP

I remember in WH40K theres a Vlka Fenryka character who had a thunder hammer that he could throw, which would then teleport back to his hand

Dude the hammer weighs a ton. I know were spartans, but I don’t see how we can throw it