Throwable fusion coils?? Let’s go!!!

I don’t know about you guys, but this new mechanic alone is gonna be so hilarious. I talked about the possibility of doing so in the past - though I remember some people saying me it’s silly - but I’m so happy it’s a thing now. The way I see it, the comedic possibilities are real. Just throwing them around like Donkey Kong is funny enough, but I’ve got some hilariously sinister ideas for this:

  • Blowing up someone while they’re carrying one by shooting it (gimme a medal for it too) - Throwing a bunch of them at one person all at once, RIP Overshield users lol - Setting up booby traps around corners (imagine dropping one from above) - Or the most funniest way, a kamikaze rush of fusion coils and explosive barrels against players and vehicles! BANZAI!!What do you guys think? You agree with my thoughts on this mechanic?