Three Small Quality of life things that should be in the game ASAP and is strange that are not there already

1- when a match ends the search for the next one should start automatically. (like older halo games)
2- The score board should appear when pressing the button and disappear when releasing it.
3-Carrying a skull or a flag should let you one hit melee kill enemies, (like older halo games), is not like you can do much with it anyways.

343’s decisions with halo infinite in general so far have been a head scratcher, to say the least, specially with small stuff that was already perfected in older halo games.


I concur with you, let’s hope it happens.

True, on oddball you’re basically useless when you’re holding the oddball lol

can set scoreboard to toggle as it is (just buried in options) but I agree with it being hold by default. I like the idea of continuous games too but also think there should be a toggle for people who are back and forth a bit.