Three months and counting and no CSR

Halo 2 had an in-game ranking system that worked brilliantly on the original xbox eight years ago that was linked to that you could use to monitor your leveling progress online with.

You really mean to tell me over three months after launch In 2013 we can’t even get an in-game/online CSR because they want to wait to collect stats to test it?

Give it a month or two and you won’t have any players left to produce stats for you to collect. I understand some of you hardcore dudes on here often times state that “you will play as long as there are 7 other people online”. I say good luck with that, seeing a halo game with a population under 75,000 is simply depressing in my eyes.

Oh well, I blame the dramatic reduction of the competitive community solely on the shoulders of 343i.

You failed to market to your largest fanbase…

Even MLG ditched us…

The worst part? It won’t even be in game. Halo 3 was the most successful game in terms of maintaining a solid player base in Match Making and there was a darn good reason for that. How Bungie and 343 turned a blind eye to that I’ll never know.

The glory days of Halo are gone.