Three Invulnerable Grunts on Exodus

Me (Scatcycle) and my friend (Twizted420) were playing easy on Exodus. We found something very peculiar. Three invincible grunts. We even triggered the grunt birthday party effect on them, they would not die. Ones methane tank popped off and he lived! (after being flown into the air). You can see the video, me assassinating them, and a tutorial here.

Heres how we found it:
We met up with the ODSTs, and fought to the part where a marine says: “Other side, Other side! The (elevator?) is on the other side!”.

Then we quickly turned around and slipped through a closing door (to eliminate a barrier) We were back in the place you jetpack to after meeting with the ODSTs. We jetpacked up the side of it, and into an area you access later (you can see it in the video).

I then jacked a phantom, and told my friend to kill everything so it would leave. Then he messaged me about three invicible grunts. I look to the side in my turret and see my bud pop off 3 headshots on one grunt, and the grunts doesn’t die. :smiley:

Later he just went to the next nav point and the phantom flew off with me in it, but of course the countdown barrier killed me.

You can see more detailed instructions here, and if you would like to join us in our hunt for easter eggs and glitches (we already have a handful in ODST and Reach, including the infamous “Zombielites”) then you can visit our page here!