Threat Sensor Stole The Radar’s Thunder

Let’s face it… the only reason the threat sensor even exists is because the radar is practically useless. Increase the radar size to 25m-30m and replace the threat sensor with a radar jammer instead, like how active camo use to do, or simply make the threat sensor useful for only the individual using it, kinda like promethean vision. Nobody would hold onto this equipment for very long, as the grappleshot, repulsor, and evade are too good to let slip by… but it would still be helpful enough for snipers or ambushers to not be considered overpowered, all the while fixing Infinite’s lackluster radar.

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Radar jammer would be a cool ability if tuned right

Side note - does anyone else remember when Bungie removed the radar jammer & flare from Halo 3 matchmaking because you could double jump with them? (★‿★)

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I remember it like it was yesterday lol