Thread locked?

Why was my thread titled “Apology” locked? What was inappropriate about that post? Why won’t someone address my ban appeal? I don’t understand why I’m being punished and not being given any answers. Every time I post something, it gets locked with no response. Every time I PM am monitor, they ignore it. Can someone PLEASE just throw me a bone here as to what to do? Am I posting these in the wrong threads? Am I wording these rudely? HELP PLEASE!!!

1 you’ve created another account which doesn’t follow forum rules

2 your keep on posting the same thread over and over which breaks forum rules

3 your spamming the monitors who don’t need or like spam and they’ve got better things to do than reply to said spam

4 your posts are becoming increasingly aggressive and non constructive which gets the thread locked

Your in the wrong here

These issues have been resolved. So, locked.