Thread for new leader ideas

I’m sure we all have wonderful Ideas regarding new leaders, so I’m making a dedicated thread, hoping 343 will skim through here, and maybe collect ideas for new leaders after Awakening the Nightmare has been released.

I think Veronica Dare would make an Interesting new UNSC Hero, as she is an ONI agent and a more obscure character from the Halo universe. Here are some traits I thought applicable.
-Drop in (/train?) ODST squads
-Recruit Freed Engineers as a support/healing unit in the Air Pad
-ONI Recon, a leader power that lets you see enemy buildings/ minibases across the map (or potentially see enemy forces/makeup)

I’m sure the developers would have much better ideas as to what is possible within the game engine but I just wanted to see other’s ideas and share my own

Stop making them is the best thing they can do. Work on the balance and integrity of the current game before they lose the rest of their player base.

We don’t need new leaders

We need a proper balance and a release on Steam to up the playerbase

As the others stated above I think that 16 leaders are more than enough.
Now it’s time for balance. And some maps including a different Blitz map.