thread for constructive suggestions

Maybe it should be considered the idea of keeping a permanent thread on the opening page, where people can offer constructive criticisms regarding halo 4. I know there are countless threads already, but too many of them consist of haters spitting the dummy, and saying they are going to take their marbles and leave.
But don’t just list all the thins you don’t like, list the things you do like too.Maybe that way it will be easier for 343 to get a more balanced idea of what halo 4 fans want. Sulking in a corner is not going to solve the problems with the game. And yes, I am only a noob. But halo is not only designed to please battle scarred veterans.

Lord, I would but it would take so long to type out a list…I’ll keep things short and to the point.


Campaign needs to be longer
The Promethean need to have more distinctive weapons
The campaign needs to be more understandable for new players
The campaign needs to be more organic
The campaign needs to be less repetitive
The campaign needs better graphics - yes I am joking the graphics are beautiful.

The MM - brace for flames people.

There are no classic playlists
Rotational playlists need to go - they are a pain.
The weapons are unbalanced
The DLC isn’t that great
The DMR ruins the maps and gameplay
There is nothing to keep the player engaged beyond a certain point
There are no competitive skill ranks in MM


It is broken in ways which so many people have described I won’t even bother going over it


Too little change:


Lacks campaign and SOPS theatre.

General UI could use some work as well

the only thing i want is to have a useful warthog in BTB