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Alright, so here’s the story:

My brother and I hopped into Warzone and our first match was against . Now I’ve been a fan of his (at least until now) and have generally enjoyed his videos. It was a good, even match. But not the kind where he could dominate. About 300 points in, I use a railgun and knock him out of his wasp. He immediately leaves, and sends a message to my brother that says “Blocked”.

Literally the next game we play is against . It was a good match, he won, but he didn’t absolutely wreck us. And he didn’t block us afterwards.

So my question to you guys is: Are these YouTubers really all they’re hyped to be? If you block all those that are decent, then you can wreck less skilled players and post a video glorifying yourself and trying to expand your fan base. Anybody else have similar stories?

I played a game against one YouTuber, chief something or other. It was around when fiesta and super fiesta came out. Needless to say his team beat me and the randoms and I sent him a “gg” afterwards and he didn’t reply. That’s about all I got.