Thoughts, Technical Issues, QoL Suggestions

I have been really enjoying the preview so far and I would really like to see this game do well so I’m hoping some of this feedback can help in some way.

Technical Issues

  • Performance is not great. I’m running the game at 1080p with a 10850k and 3090 with medium settings and tend to sit around 80-100 fps. Cpu utilization goes as high as 60% and gpu 20%. - Certain keybinds cause crashes. For me I noticed this when trying to rebind movement keys but others have reported the same issue when rebinding push to talk. - Sometimes when booting I get stuck on an infinite load screen(10+ minutes before quitting). - When using the skewer sometimes no projectile is shown. The enemy just drops dead with no shooting animation. - Sometimes there is a large (1-2 second) delay before the enemy dies. For example, I will be shooting an enemy with the sidekick until the clip is empty and get halfway through the reload animation before the enemy drops dead and I get the kill. - Challenges don’t always update. - Preview images in the battle pass don’t display. - Shooting range scores don’t save between sessions.Some Possible Ideas for Quality of Life Improvements

  • The weapon range is a great addition but feels a little empty. As someone who has spent a lot of time in aim trainers, I think this could use a few additions. An additional mode with a bottomless clip so you can focus only on aiming without having to constantly reload would be great. A sandbox mode where you can use any weapon for any amount of time would also be very welcome. Scores are also a thing, so I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to ask for some sort of leaderboard so you can see how you compare to your friends or even globally. - After completing a match it would also be a nice addition if we could see a little more detail in the post game report similar to what we can see in mcc. Right now it feels a little barren. - The scope options are nice, but I know I would also prefer similar functionality to mcc where toggle and hold to zoom both work. I generally prefer toggle zoom, but sniping for example I prefer to hold so I don’t have to cycle through both zooms before descoping. - It isn’t a big deal but it does feel a little odd that there is no female option for your spartan considering there are three different male body types. - Another small one is that it might be more user friendly to make the fire button also act as a melee when no weapon is equipped.Other Thoughts

  • I thought the player outlines were a cool change when I saw them in the previews. However, when playing, specifically on the red team, it was incredibly confusing to try and distinguish friend from foe and I found myself shooting teammates on accident or constantly second guessing if I should shoot the enemy. Instead of trying to tell the difference between red players with blue outlines and blue players with red outlines, it would be nice to have an accessibility toggle to disable the outlines altogether. - The time to kill combined with the high range of every weapon would cause fights to be over very quickly. As a result, it feels like 75% of the match is left wandering around searching for the next encounter instead of actually spending more time fighting. It’s possible this will be less of an issue when playing against real players, but I feel it is worth noting for now. - As someone who prefers the omission of sprint, the lower sprint speed and faster weapon draw time feels like a good balance. Nothing felt worse than in halo 4 when you were caught sprinting and had to wait a full second before you could pull out your gun and do anything. - I know we are still early in the beta and this is subject to change, but the bots feel incredibly easy and I have yet to play a game that doesn’t end in a steaktacular. - I can’t say I’m a fan of the random power weapons. I definitely prefer knowing what is going to be on the map. Although, if every map only has one power weapon in the center this is pretty manageable.

Id love some weapon courses. like with moving western style shoot the target courses. That sounds Fun. As well as just the aim trainer shoot the random targets as quickly as you can. Some might find this laim but in the academy which i can only imagine is a practice zone these would be great.

I had a point where I think i opened up the steam overlay and when I exited it the crosshair no longer existed.

Max settings with a 7900X CPU, 3090 FE, and 3440x1440 UW monitor im getting 50-60 FPS on max settings. And im hearing others with lower getting the same. But optimization is not what this build is for.

The bots have been great. But they seem too predictable at the beginning of matches.