Thoughts/Suggestions on PvE

The SBMM argument is obviously very tired, whichever side of it you’re on. But I’m personally just a bit fed up with having to constantly play PvP to participate in this game’s “live service” (such as it is).

I do personally feel that MP in this game feels a bit too intense and sweaty as a general rule. There are definitely matches and playlists that feel more casual and fun (Land Grab and Fiesta are both usually pretty enjoyable as casual experiences at the moment, IMO), but as a general rule I think a lot of players who want a relaxed experience are feeling left out by what’s here.

I know there’s some PvE extraction mode in the works, if the leaks are to be believed, and that’s great. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t feel like an insane score-attack mode like H5’s Warzone FF was. That mode was honestly so over the top that it felt Co-petitive more than it did truly cooperative, IMO. Everyone trying to steal AI kills out from each other’s noses to top the leaderboard. Just wasn’t very much fun despite all the spectacle, at least for me.

I’m sure whatever they’ve got cooking isn’t as grounded as Firefight from ODST and Reach was, but I’d like it to feel a lot more relaxed than Warzone FF.

Ultimately, as someone who just doesn’t get a ton out of the PvP side of Halo, I’d really like Infinite to catch up with MCC by providing a PvE weekly challenge deck that can be fulfilled in Campaign and other PvE modes. I’d be 100% fine with that deck being 50-75% larger in terms of challenges than the PvP deck, understanding that PvP is more difficult. I just think there should be a pathway that doesn’t involve PvP to unlock a lot of these awesome weekly Ultimate Rewards and to progress in the battle and event passes.

Eager to hear what anyone else thinks!

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I wonder if a CBMM would fix a lot of the lag issues. They should do what bungie does in destiny with test/labs playlist, only the point of this playlist would be for the community to test if CBMM would make a difference.

Edit: Maybe evolve player setting so we can choose between SBMM and CBMM.