Thoughts so far?

Here are my concerns:

  1. What in the world is this ranking system?
  2. What in the world is this customization nonsense? Can’t pick my own colors…? What?!
  3. Radar is straight poo right now
  4. These weekly objectives take away from actually playing the objective of the game
  5. Can’t choose what game type I want to play…?

If they wanted to “make money” and have stuff to purchase…make it like “fortnite” so if you want something special (special color scheme, a style of armor, gun skin, etc), you can buy it…other than that…give the power back to the players!

Gameplay is solid, it’s engaging and enjoyable, the mechanics & features that surround the gameplay are of great concern.

I think they are trying to hard with this halo IMO. let halo be halo.