Thoughts/Rumours On a S&D type game mode?

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knew if 343 were intending or planning on adding a gamemode/playlist that only allows spartans/other races 1 life every round for a couple of rounds? I pretty much began wondering this when, I played games like CoDs (Which is absolute garbage now) Search and Destroy mode, and one of the TF2 game modes, and thought, hmmm, I wonder what halo would be like if this game mode was introduced. There are problems about this game mode I know, and some of you will probably post some below!

But What’s your thoughts on this? Thanks :smiley:

i have been wanting this since reach. Its the one gametype that cod had that was great.

Search and Destroy is so damn awesome.

There would be too many people melee-ing at the same time and dying :confused:

Does nobody here remember Elimination? Everybody had 1 life per round and it was around long before CoD ever put it in their game. I even think it was an on-disk gametype in Halo 2.

That would be awesome, one live only! 343i should make it

I like the idea, but personally, Halo, to me, has a lot of sacrificial gameplay involved, so it probably wouldn’t work out very well.

Good thing we have Counter-Strike on the Xbox now.

Haven’t played S&D but if its like Counter-strike it would be great! That makes you really think about your load out, which power weapons to pick up. However the maps will have to be made specifically for that mode in order it to be competitive and successful.

Edit: Escort the VIP mode would be pretty awesome too… but I could see that failing miserably due to new players running into the open

Yeah dude it would be awesome :D, and S&D is like COUNTER-STRIKES one =)

It will definitely require proper teamwork I reckon, to try and survive :smiley:

Like a few others have already said, SnD is awesome!
It’s the best way to play CoD for sure.
I would love a gametype in Halo 4 that’s somewhat similar.

It shouldn’t be exactly the same.
As long as it creates a more competitive and aggressive environment, it’s good.
That’s what makes Search so fun!

343, please consider designing a gametype similar to Search.
Like I said before, make it more competitive and aggressive.
Thank you for taking the time to read this if you do.

I don’t mind the 1 life per round modes, hell I love it in Counter Strike.

It just doesn’t work that well in Halo, (with shields and all) In my opinion.

It was in Halo 2&3 at the launch of both and each time failed miserably, and was removed.

I’ve Tested the one life gametype many Times. And i say its really FUN!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pro’s- Fun And Tactical
Con’s- melee often, so there should be a 3 hit count And more weapon damage so people wont melee.

This has been tested by me

This Gametype Could Work!!!
Just mess around with the settings. Easy

Halo used to have this in Halo 1 and 2. It was called Elimination. It wasn’t even remotely popular.

Then Halo 3 had Eliminatio (5 life rounds), and those were also extremely unpopular.

I haven’t even heard of Eliminatio lool, and I got Halo 3 First day on release, I do think 5 lives a round is pretty bad, I’ve been playing halo since halo 1, and to be honest, I didn’t even play online on a Halo game until Halo 3, maybe if they add a 1 life per round game mode, It can improve co-operation skills and it could actually spark up and be something awesome :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought it should be in.

Generator Defense seemed to be working on that for Multiplayer, but ended up being for Firefight.

take Generator Defense, make it for Multiplayer, make two Generators for Matchmaking, 1 life for each person, 5 rounds total. making it where you have to shoot and destroy the Generator (no lockdown for the Generator) could work as it would make it unique for Halo, and make players work more with the objectives than being selfish Slayer Yoinks!

make it happen, 343i. It’s possible, and you can make it work. if it’s not in Halo 4, then make it happen for Halo 5.