Thoughts on the new DLC Majestic Map Pack...

  1. Randoms still suck.
  2. Achievements range from easy to impossible.
  3. Maps are too small.

Point 1: Self explanatory

Point 2: Achievements. Already have gotten two. One achievement? Get a double kill or higher with a single pulse grenade. Seeing as how there aren’t any vehicles…this will be nigh impossible without boosting.

  1. Maps are WAAAAAY too small. Playing on bigger maps for so long its hard to readjust. Not only that, but there is so much -Yoinking!- cover that in a Pro style playlist I’ve gone a solid minute without seeing ANYONE. (rumble pit pro)

I AM very rusty, having only played Grifball or SpOps in the last couple of weeks but jesus…you need teams on these maps to be effective. That isn’t true for bigger maps but these?

Oh, and Trueskill still doesn’t work. That Rumblepit pro game? Top two guys went went +13/+10. Me and everyone else? -2 to -10.


I only disliked FFA on Skyline, the respawn system is awful. I really liked landfall :slight_smile:

My biggest gripe is that there is no radar in FFA pro. What is the point of that? It makes sense in a team setting when map control and communication are key. But FFA? So basically whoever has the best headset gets the first shot. With no descope, 9/10 times the first shot wins. I even heard a guy who said he’s played MLG FFAs, and he said the radar is ON! If you get pro, I guarantee you will be assassinated about 5 times a game.

But at least we have FFA now. Still far from perfect just like everything else, but now Regicide isn’t the only FFA. I don’t like that you can get it in voting, but nobody has voted for it in my games (what a shocker).

I think they are very good, I’m glad to have small maps finally, I just want a game mode that plays like old halo. No running, no loadouts, no ordinance drops. I’d prob like all the maps if they did a game mode like this. It just ruins it when I have 10 sticky grenades and 10 plasma grenades flying across the screen nonstop. Other than that I think they did great on the maps finally.