Thoughts on the missing teaser trailer Armor?

This has probably been discussed already, but in the teaser trailer for the Ghosts of Miridian there was a quick shot of a Spartan holding the suppressor which what one could describe as an EOD lookalike.

At first I thought it was hidden due to hidden requirements like the Achilles armor, but that armor was fully showcased on the REQ sheet from the last update.

So what are all your guys’ thoughts on what happened to the armor that wasn’t present on this updates REQ sheet?

I thought it looked really cool, you’ll also notice the shark tooth skin wasn’t in there either.

The armour will probably be put into the Hog wild update, it is disappointing that anything that we see in the previews might not even be in the update.

I didn’t see it. Anyone have a link to a video so I can see what you’re talking about?