Thoughts on the Main Menu?

How do you feel about the main menu of Halo 5 and how it’s set up? Do you like it? Or do you think it’s a bit scattered?

I think its decent enough. However I had some initial trouble finding where I could look at the reqs that I got but found them easyily enough

I really like it, I do kind of wish there was a bit more going on (to look at) when you’re sitting at the main menu.

Found bland at first but it’s growing on me.

Sat there for a good hour on my first start up just listening to the music.

I think it looks cool,love the infinity in background,if u leave the main menu screen on for a while u seen a grunt floating around,I thought that was pretty funny and good Easter egg

I think the menu is a bit too simplistic. If you didn’t know where everything was on the menu (which took me like five minutes), it would be hard to figure out how to navigate it. It’s also confusing in the Spartan customization menu. There’s more than one place to customize different assets, not as simple as the previous Halo’s menus were. I liked the menu from MCC, I wish they had stayed with that layout.

the UI is very unclear. it’s even worser than h4 imo. Why would they put the emblem into the lobby and not the spartan? Why not put it in a nice list on the right of the screen with nameplates and stuff. I just don’t get some decisions of 343
Reach’s UI was were its at

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> Sat there for a good hour on my first start up just listening to the music.

the music is a plus factor I agree. Probably the only thing I like about the menu

I definitely see what you guys are saying with all of that. I did not know about the Grunt thing though, I will certainly check that out.

It’s better than Halo 4’s main menu I guess… I dunno. Music is good.

Halo: Reach is easily still the king when it comes to UI.

I loved when I saw a little grunt tumbling across the right side of the screen after a while

I think it’s really fine, took some time to learn it but I love it now when some hours are in there.

I like it. I have a habit for whatever reason of hitting start to get to the campaign or multiplayer and it doesn’t make sense. But whatever, I keep going to my spartan hub. Not a big deal.