Thoughts on the Halo TV series?

Mild spoilers but nothing that will completely ruin it for you

What do you all think of the 1st episodes of the new TV series?
Me personally, I think its good but I am confused with a lot of things.

I am quite sure its based before Halo Reach but I thought Master chief didn’t exist before Reach?
Also who the hell is Miranda Keyes? Why have we never seen her before?
Also I think it’s weird that Keyes is no longer white. I am not racist at all but I think character should keep the same ethnicity and you should at least attempt to find an actor that looks as close to the character as you can.
Halsey apparently aged 40 years in the space of 10. In this show she is really young but in halo 5 she is old.

This is a bigger spoiler.

Another thing I don’t understand is Master chief seems to be against the UNSC but yet in all the games he works along side them.

I only ever completed Halo 1,2,4,5 and reach once. Then I completed Halo 3 two or three times. So my memory of the games isn’t gonna be perfect. That’s 1 or the reasons I am asking you all for your thoughts on it. By all means it’s a good series but from what I can tell it doesn’t seem to portray the games accurately. But I could be wrong.

In your comments please you the spoiler tags on spoilers incase someone hasn’t seen the show yet :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bad writing they did this oh I don’t know my past I must find out.

This is bad and so many movies done it this really bad because we know his past so it’s a waste of time.

It would been a lot better if covenant wasn’t even in this timeline and so usnc focus on destroying rebel army. Then John stubbled on artafact then oh, what have I become. Then convent army came stop civil war of humanity. To focus on there threat at hand. Would been a lot better approach.


The year the series takes place is 2552, the same year Halo Reach and CE takes place, which places it just before Reach’s invasion.

Master Chief existed way before Reach, he fought the Covenant a lot before Reach.
Miranda Keyes is first seen in Halo 2, being the daughter of the then late Captain Keyes seen in Halo CE. Halsey is her mother. She’s also present in Halo 3.
Yes, a lot of people think it’s weird that characters suddenly changed skin color. Some don’t mind, others find it bothering. I can’t speak for all of those who find it bothering, but I dislike it on a couple of levels. It’s an extremely lazy way of writing as the writers can’t come up with new interesting characters but take existing ones who are established and change their appearance drastically. It’s the opposite of “white-washing” which was a heavily disliked action back in the day, making the act of “diversifying” a cast of already established somewhat mono-ethnic groups by changing established character’s ethnicity the same thing. Yet in the name of “diversity” it’s a-ok ( Double standard ). It’s also a political statement and I don’t want those kind of statements affecting already established characters.
Halsey’s age is, something I’m not even going to go into. As the show takes place in 2552, the same year Reach was invaded, she aged a lot during the time between the show and the invasion.

As for Chief going against the UNSC, and all the above.
The show takes place in a different universe where things didn’t play out exactly as in the games and other already established Extended Universe lore.
Which “explains” a lot of the things you’re asking here.
Keyes is black in the show’s universe, Halsey is of a different age ( wonder how that works with all the work she’s done and the timeframe ).
Master Chief never went against the UNSC in the “game universe”, but this is a different universe where they can do what they please.


I doubt the whole MC being against UNSC will last long since they couldn’t drag that out for too long

Kind of strange to hide spoilers in a spoiler thread that people can’t read unless they click on the thread. :thinking:

I’m more curious if I saw Ripa 'Moramee aka the previous Arbiter from HW1 but not sure since the next Arbiter only existed due his failure to protect the ring in Halo 1 and we haven’t seen a Halo ring yet.

I’m sure this is set before Reach because of things like this:
They seem to think Forerunner tech is Covenant tech…which implies that they haven’t dealt with the Halo rings or any Forerunner tech yet unless ONI lies often.
Fall of Reach is well known and is bound to happen to show off the ‘glassing’

Also doubt the planet is going to get demolished any time soon since seems there more focused on world building 1st.

I’ve only seen a few clips, and honestly it looks like a high end FreddieW/Rocketjump production at best.

Saying this as a massive fan of FreddieW/Rocketjump fan, I don’t mean that in a good way.

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With halsey supposed to be 60 ( she was born in 2492) Parongoski being 60 and Indian (she’s a 90 yo white woman) the keys are different. Chief also calls himself the chief which he doesn’t normally do. He is supposed to call himself Sierra 117
This takes place prereach since they are trying to bring the chief to reach.
As someone who’s read the books and watched everything else halo related, it seems the people Involved don’t really know anything about the halo universe.
It seems like They are taking elements from “hunt the truth” but placing it pre fall of reach. the truth

The action is good but the elites are the ones from halo 5 and not the graceful ones from when bungie designed them. The covenant would never have a human oracle. That’s just insane. The covenant hates us for being the chosen of the forerunners.
I’m sure it’ll be a let down. They should’ve gotten some of the book writers to help write the show.


I really enjoyed it tbh, i thought that some of the cgi was a little weird. But other than that i like the dynamics between halsey and the unsc. And i think silver team is pretty cool. And the whole surrounding story interests me a ton. I also really like pablo as chief. Even though no one will beat steve downes. I think he still does a great job. Idk, i try not to look at all the small details like how halsey aged a ton in 10 years or stuff like that because while they dont make sense i find its easier to enjoy something if you just try to accept it. (I tottally respect your opinion though) i honestly cant wait for the next episode l.


Also i wish there was an event for infinite, would love to be able to unlock silver teams armors!!


This is where the community manager should be chomping at the bit.

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I’m trying to disaccosiate all the stuff I know about halo and just leave it as it’s own thing.

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Well that cleared up my curiosity. I will have to watch the rest of them soon. I prefer to wait for a hole season as waiting weakly for episodes is annoying cos I end up getting side tracked into another series like now😂

I feel like @hagorize is right thou. They should have got the original book writers to help with the show. That way it would be more consistent. Then they should have based it around the same time as the games but not the exact same time ofcourse so we don’t get 2 of the same story. Maybe slightly before Halo Infinte so more people could understand the origins of the new characters introduced into Halo Infinite. Being honest I still don’t know much about the banished, Atriox and the weird boss women you kill at the end who we barely even seen in the game. More behind all that I think would have been better then what we got now.

Well season 1 isn’t supposed to be really based off of the games it’s more based off of the book “Fall of Reach” which in my opinion is the best book they’ve wrote. I think season 2 is supposed to be more based off of the first game and have a more horror thriller vibe to it.

I personally love the series. I already know the story from the games and I wouldn’t really want just a shot for shot remake of that like so many people that seem to be mad that it’s not that. I like seeing the characters and reasoning more fleshed out. I do like my Easter eggs though, hopefully we’ll get the voice actor for the arbiter back, maybe see Buck at some point and maybe even some noble team references. I actually hope they incorporate some Spartan 3s into the mix at some point. I think they should also introduce some Spartan 2s that are exactly like they designed, emotionless killers that Masterchief has to fight.

My thought is that it shouldn’t have been made. And obviously, that it’s not good.

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It’s honestly one of the most poorly written shows. It’s not good sci-fi and it’s focusing on all the wrong things. The halo stuff is dope. The costumes are great. We don’t need to see anymore naked people. Please get one person in the writing room that knows how to write good sci-fi and or knows halo at all.

Its funny cause i was just watching a youtube video the other day about other sci-fi movies that came out around the time of the original star wars that all kinda faded into obscurity due to being random, somewhat porny (as much you could back in those days) nonsense. And that feels like what the halo show is.

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The series is absolute trash and is only for anyone who doesn’t know what Halo is and has a simplistic mind set on what a television with action should be. If Halo Infinite is 343 shooting themselves in the left foot then the television series is them shooting themselves in the right foot. I am just glad I did not spend any money on watching such trash, and the spart ones pirate it to hate watch it because it is not worth even a free subscription.

I’m a big fan of Halo and I watch the show for what it is, i liked a lot of thing, but Cortana replacing Master Chief and becaming stonger than him, it’s was the most horrible idea to do !


You mean master cheeks having s e x didn’t make you stop watching, or never wearing the armor, always losing his cool acting like a 3 year old? You’re stronger willed than me.

Yeah I just try to forget everything I know from Halo, I look this John like a totally new character, and that wasn’t so hard because clearly every things of the show is close to Halo only by name.

So if I hate that Cortana was able to replace MC, it’s not because it’s an heresy to Halo tradition, but only because it’s 100% stupid

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But we all loved the gun kata. It was pretty leet.