Thoughts on the Halo 5 beta so far?

This is my opinion on the beta so far feel free too express yours. I honestly think this is a new gen of halo. To me halo was a slow paced action game that was mostly about marksmanship and power weapons. With the new halo 5 I think 343 did a great job at making the game more fun and also speeding the action up. Halo 5 will not only make you worry about placing shots on an enemy , but it also matters how you move. For instance the sprint makes your Spartan move faster but your shields will not be recharged while you are sprinting. On another topic the power weapon problem with halo. I felt in the past halos power weapons have a little too idk I hate to say powerful because, well power weapons dont get their name from nowhere but in Halo 5 I felt they were more balanced and not to mention the announcement of the spawning of the power weapons but it also announces the count down, which creates a whole new battle just for the power weapon. Although i do feel like i die incredibly fast, as in shields and health drop rapidly but all around in my opinion halo 5 is going in a good direction.

I think Smart-Scope should be removed, it gives scrubs too much of an advantage

All I know is it has much more love from me than hate.

I have quite a bit to say. Good things:

  • got rid of most of Halo 4’s junk, like armor abilities, loadouts, ordinance, etc.

  • automatics feel even better

  • some of the new mobility options feel pretty nice, especially thruster

  • the art direction, while not as good as Reach’s, is definitely a step up from 4’s.

  • the menu music is not screaming in my ears

  • miniscule bloom that is reminiscent of trilogy days

  • ditches the modernized clusteryoink map design

  • less Noob friendly in most areas

Bad things:

  • please 343, if you’re gonna have sprint, then go with Doom style, it ruins the flow of the game as it is now

  • while the menu music is better, it is not something I could go out of my way to listen to, like “unforgotten”

  • the menus are a little dark

  • Jeff announces way to many things, he should only be announcing these: multikills, sprees (not the weapon ones), and objectives (like “flag taken”), and for the love of god, get rid of that auto tune, have him calm down a bit, and stop telling us how to play slayer.

  • WAY to many medals, only restrict them to what Jeff should announce.

  • we only get to see UNSC weapons, save for the Bane, this is quite disappointing

  • kill cams are unneeded

  • automatics are a tad too powerful, along with frags

  • just get rid of ground pound, it doesn’t really fit with Halo to be honest

  • as a high school student, I hate seeing spartans acting like people my age

  • with above point, get rid of the intro/ending cinematics

  • and personally, my biggest gripe, is the spartan tunnel vision focus, seriously, I DONT WANT TO PLAY AS A -Yoink!- SPARTAN, if you can just give me my sangheili in ALL playlists, then I will have your back on most things 343