Thoughts on the flights

What is your opinion of the flights? I just want to hear everyone’s opinion.

I really like the game so far, although there are a lot of things to improve and bugs to fix. However, I’ve been a Halo player since this year, so I wouldn’t say I have as much experience as other players who’ve been around since the beginning and definitely know the franchise much better than me. That being said, I’m really interested in seeing what are their thoughts on the game.

Hello, Daniel here
I played the first flight and loved it, the only thing that didn’t loved was the sound of the grenades and the sound of the needler, back then I didn’t complain because it was the first flight and the performance and server stress test was the focus, but now since the second flight has the same sounds I am starting to believe that’s how the needler and grenades are now, i just don’t quite like it, But If 343 can implement the option to change it to a more familiar sound I would be very happy. Besides that I already have been spreading the voice to my close friends and one of them is a Call of Duty lover but it seems he’s willing to play bc it would be Free to Play, and he liked the flights altought he’s not a Halo fan, I am excited to see BTB next week and hear voices in my native language Spanish (latin) once the game comes out

It looks cool but the same few maps over and over again get really old really quickly.

I’m cautiously optimistic, it’s got a lot going for it with the art style and the campaign looks great. I’m indifferent about the gameplay though, the ttk feels way too quick making power weapons feel less desirable when I could just use the AR for better results. Drawn out fights and tactical retreats are part of Halo and now you’re basically dead as soon as you’ve been shot with no opportunity to do anything about it like in previous Halo’s. The warthog was not fun to drive and the maps have been pretty average for the most part except for Bazaar. Also, still salty with this being another “” MP experience, these flights continue to remind me how much of the charm was zapped out of the franchise with no elites running around. Also, terrible progression system. All that said, I’m still gonna play this on day one and I’m genuinely excited for the campaign. Wether I stick around for the MP remains to be seen.