Thoughts on the Campaign?

Try to keep this spoiler free please.

What are your thoughts on the campaign so far?

This has definitely been one of the best experiences I’ve had in a while for a video game. Leagues above Halo 4 and 5 for me. I’ve just been wandering around the map enjoying the scenery

Edit- everyone agrees boss fights are brutal. This is what we get for making fun of the Didact and Warden Eternal


Bosses on legendary are no joke.


So far only on level 2, spent half an hour getting the skull. Missed it in level 1.

Legendary has been a breeze so far but I’m sure that will change. Need them to turn on mission replay so I can go back through 1 without losing my progress. Might just restart tbh

Having a blast with the co-op! Wait….


Playing on legendary is not too bad. The bosses are brutal though.

Its a fun experience but also extremelly hollow . I did all 1st halo playthroughs in co op , so it just feels so …eh honestly.

Also legendary so far is very easy, a shame bossed are glorified bullet sponges so you have to cheese em


So far, it’s amazing. I’d actually go as far as saying my favourite campaign in any game since Halo 3 ODST!

With all the positive news around campaign, I had high hopes for this game, but they’ve been blown away since playing it.

I’m rather excited to see what expansions they release in the future for this…

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No thoughts really as I am just downloading now… But how is the “biggest” Halo game only 32.91 gig? I won’t be to shocked when it turns out to be pretty short campaign.


That’s called “Compression” bud lmao
Would you prefer they leave files uncompressed and have the game around 90-100GB like CoD does?


Yeah well we will see… 343 has made claims before that weren’t exactly true so color me skeptical on how big this campaign will truly be.


I’m honestly having a blast… this is what 343i “make Halo our own” should’ve been long ago… I honestly just wish the lowest settings I could have it at would be optimized enough to not cause random stutters and dips below 30FPS, as it’s really painful to randomly freeze during a tense fight and then die or worse… crash without having gotten a checkpoint and have to do a hard fight all over again. I also hate that bringing up the tac map takes ages for some weird reason… I guess it’s been optimized for M.2 drives, but not Compute SSDs, so that also sucks especially since you freeze in place and cannot move until the tacmap finishes loading and you exit out of it…

Outside of performance and technical issues tho, I am loving the game a ton <3


Majestic. $60 well spent, I regret nothing. Several hours later and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the story.


According to some reviews I’ve seen it is short(the reviews didn’t give an exact length it took them). I’m only in the beginning so far but it feels pretty short though, the lack of good ai and difficulty so far it in my play it may well be short cause I breezed through the first two missions on heroic it was so easy.


better than it being dragged out for 15-20 hrs

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Just finished the game to be honest I think 5 had more lore and emersion in the 1st mission then the entire game.


I was blown away by the graphics. I knew they would be good going off of the multiplayer, but that opening blew my mind.

what do you think of the marine player models? i wasn’t too impressed, neither with the explosions. but overall it’s pretty solid tho.



Best Halo i have played

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Opening cinematic was really good - wish we could get a full Halo movie done in this style rather than live action.

The Forerunner stuff all looked really cool,. They really nailed the art style and graphically it looked really nice when you were running around the Forerunner environments.

The boss fights have all been fun, definitely the best boss fights in a Halo game and a significant improvement on any of the past bosses.

The open world is ok. Graphically it hasn’t really impressed me and I’m already a bit bored of the aesthetic, it pretty much looks all the same and needs more variety.

There hasn’t been much variety to the gameplay either but luckily the gunplay is classic Halo so is still entertaining. The Banished are fun to fight and the weapons all feel good. The AI has been decent but nothing revolutionary. Doesn’t feel like a huge step up from the AI in past Halo games.

Grappleshot is as awesome as expected and keeps exploration and traversal interesting. Vehicles feel a little weird and floaty though.

Overall I think it’s fun but it hasn’t completely blown me away. Feels like it may just be a good game rather than a truly great one. Hopefully it will impress me more the further I get.


I am honestly having a blast and I’ve been laughing near non-stop at the commentary not just from the Grunts and the Marines, but from Chief and his new friend as well. Few issues I’ve come across are some boxes kind of…trying to collapse in on themselves like they have a void inside of them. Other than that? I’m having a lot of fun, but man, Bosses are kicking my -Yoink!-.