Thoughts on the Bandit Rifle & Shroud Screen?

Hey spartans! What are your thoughts on the new Bandit rifle and shroud screen? Does the bandit need a buff? How about a larger clip or a faster firerate? Does the shroud screen need a longer deploy time or a different feature?

  • Bandit needs a buff
  • Bandit needs a nerf
  • Other

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How about the shroud screen?

  • Needs to be better
  • Needs to be worse
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If you choose other please put why in the responses and share your opinion with the community. I know 343 probably won’t listen but I thought it would be a good spartan to spartan conversation. See you in matchmaking!

After a week with it, the Bandit should have descope. Long range fights between bandit players is kinda boring

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Bandit needs to have the random damage changed to a solid amount of damage. Killing an enemy with 6 shots to the head and then being killed by 3 shots to the head is annoying.

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Bandit rifle I feels good when your reasonably close to the enemy. But it feels like it’s range seriously drops off after a certain point, far shorter then what I was expecting. To the point when I play Oasis I quickly drop it for a Battle Rifle, Commando or even the Side Kick.

I’ve had people running in straight lines and it feels like most of my shots never connect to them. It just feels absurd.

It probably feels fine in more tightly and smaller designed maps though, like 4vs4. But I don’t get as much use out of it in more open maps that revolve around BTB.

Shroud screen is alright from when I do get it. Most of the time I’m aiming at enemies with it since it blocks their point of view of everything going on around them. More so if I have explosives where the screen protecting them is pointless as they’ll die either way. It also stands out like a sore thumb, meaning people not actively engaging the enemy will see it and move towards of often, it draws a lot of attention to the area it’s effecting.

I do use it when I’m trying to run away though, toss it to block vision between me and an enemy and the try to move in a way that they can’t regain line of sight of me as I either back off or reposition to gain an upper hand on them during a fight.

Bandit should have descope, and maybe more headshot magnetism, just a touch. Shroud screen is fine.


It’s funny shouting at sniper players with the shroud screen.

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The thing about the bandit rifle is that its the only primary semi auto besides the Stalker rifle. Both weapons can burn a headshot through a player when their shields are low enough.

Thats something the BR and Commando cant do, they need the shield to be down competely to headshot.

Bandit Rifle is pretty useless against a BR weilding spartan. I guess a buff could help but sidekick is better then this thing too.
Shroud Screen has its uses, fine as is.

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