Thoughts on spawn system: Terrible?

Yes it is. It’s trash.


I’ve maybe been killed at spawn twice in the entire time I’ve played.

It’s a very good system.

Very very false statement

Pretty trash in Fiesta and Tactical Slayer, but otherwise I’m almost never spawn killed. Should use an orb proximity instead of only raycasts. Just because I’m not in somebody’s line of sight when I spawned, doesn’t mean that I’m not right around the corner from them, or out in the open, or right in front of an open doorway instead of a safe corner. How hard is it to pick spawn locations that are covered from spawn snipes? Just spawn me behind a wall or rock. I’ve been saying “Nice spawn, Bungo” for decades, but 343 carries the torch. They could just finally fix it. It’s a modern game with modern technology and decades of knowledge.

It is disgustingly bad. Why not just prevent spawning near an enemy? The first Halo had this feature OVER TWENTY YEARS AGO!