Thoughts on Ranked and BR

After roughly 100 games, mostly ranked only let me share some thoughts on ranked and tell me what you think about it.

Just a short recap: I loved ranked and hardcore in H3 and stayed with the MLG list till it died. I mostly play around high diamnond/low onyx so I’m would consider myself not a complete noob but far from really good. Most of the times I play alone or with a friend.

So, what about Infinite ranked now? Well, it is fun and on the first glimpse it is “pro”. No radar, FF, no grenade hitmarkers. BR start, no AR… sounds good, right? Yes… for the first week… and then it gets pretty boring.

But why? I never thought I’d say it, but the problem is… the BR. I love this weapon and was always on the side of Halo = BR. Precision weapons all FTW.

So whats the problem with it? IMO there are 3 main reasons:

  1. it’s a freakin laser over every distance. Take Behemoth for instance. The snipe plays almost no role because of the nerf it got and people still four shot you across the whole map with the BR. Why bother taking the harder to use weapon when you got a mini snipe at your disposal?

  2. the long shield recharge. In theory I like this change. But on smaller maps almost every 5 seconds someone shots at you from anywhere on the map. So when you finally encounter an opponent you aren’t full shield and get killed. Thats the same thing with the AR on social.

  3. There is absolutely no alternative to the weapon. The AR comes in handy close combat, but compare it to H5. Started with the Magnum you got a good alround precision weapon. But picking up the BR or DMR gave you a good advantage. This is completely missing from Infinite.

2 Things that bother me as well:

Getting shot around corners. I don’t know if its the server tickrate or that the gun is hitscan but taking 3 bursts, go behind cover thinking you are good just the get the fourth burst right behind the wall is soooo annoying. And while it happend occasionally in H5, the amount of it is just overwhelming in Infinite.

The lack of reversals. In H5 I got plenty of them… in Infinte, I wouldn’t bet that I got 10 since launch. This shows that there ARE some problems with the sandbox.

The solution?

I don’t know if it would work out but by now I’d rather start with the sidekick and have the BR as a pickup.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Well, one week later and about 180 games in I have to say: I don’t see myself playing 4500 games as in H5 or H3… it is already getting boring. The skillgap might be there, but since I’m not into learning crazy skill jumps I don’t see how the game can keep me pushing forward. Maybe this changes when funally maps with proper use of the sniper come out…

IMO the BR has to become a pickup to intensify ranked and make it more competitive.

The only reason I play Ranked is for the BR starts. I absolutely hate that you don’t spawn with it in BTB despite it being a thing since H2. I just wish it wasn’t like the one gun in the game that is better on a controller over a mouse. The autoaim is so strong. I really enjoy BR fights but they pretty much never happen since outside of BTB you’re lucky to have 2 of them spawn.

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Personally, ranked should just be social you take seriously. Save these current settings for a HCS playlist or something.

A big NO to this. The Sidekick is an unbalanced weapon depending on your input. The firerate is too high (365 RPM) for controller to compete with M&K. I also learned today that you can very easily make this weapon fire full-auto on M&K, but doing this on Console is considered cheating (Cronus zen/max).

I’m 100% fine with replacing the BR with either the Halo 5 Magnum as a starting weapon or the DMR, but the Sidekick is the weapon I hate the most in this entire game.

I would love to see BR + AR starts in ranked, but that’s a different discussion.

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I don’t think there is a way to view your medals yet, but I’m pretty sure I have way more than 10 reversals, and I’m not a really good player. However, given the way “pro” games are set up: no radar, everyone having BR most of the time, etc, isn’t low amount of reversals exactly what you would expect?

TBH I never understood the obsession with “pro” game settings and such in Halo or any other games, even Smash Bros and stuff. To me pro=boring. Swat? That’s just a shorter word for “repetitive Slayer”. I know I’m in the minority, with that, but I also feel that people who think pro settings are somehow better or more skill based are just biased. What is more skill based or “pro” about no radar? It’s just different, not better. If anything, it makes the game easier, imo, as you can just run around freely. I’m not saying it’s not a legitimately interesting variant to try out for fun among a variety of several fun things you can try. I also don’t understand what is great about everyone starting with BR on small maps, other than it’s just convention at this point for what is considered “pro”. The BR is a great weapon, but I’m not sure why everyone starting with it = pro.

Pro settings also ruined the main Halo 5 ranked playlist. They disabled the funnest parts of the game, ground pound and Spartan charge., and I think maybe evade as well. Is stopped playing Ranked Arena after that.

To me, pro=boring. Sure, have an HCS playlist for those that want it, but I hope they keep it separate from a main Ranked Arena list.

Preach brother. This is spot on. Agree on all counts. The BR changes the game way too much. Shot from everywhere - too OP. You spawn away from teammates? You’ve got 3 people all putting 2 bursts into your body in seconds. Also - why does the BR take three bursts to knock shields and 3 bursts to kill (no hs)? It’s supposed to be weaker on shields?

I want social and ranked to be relatively similar. AR should start for both. No radar for both. You should be able to play social (practice) to get good at ranked (comp). When the modes don’t line up the learning curve is hard for a lot of users.

Grenades all clunking beside you too. Without the assistance on where they are, the 6th nade usually gets me upon smalling.

Change the map size or people per match is def a solution worth considering. Lowering grenades you start with, not allowing you to pick up a nade. A little bit of “behind you” sound.

I’m still enjoying it so far but haven’t played nearly as many games as you. I still think the H5 magnum is the best starting weapon in the series and I was sad to hear it wasn’t making a return in Infinite.