Thoughts on Promethean's so far?

What are everyone’s thoughts on Prometheans from Halo 5? Personally I feel like they’ll be more enjoyable to fight this time.

They’re looking far more diverse and variable this time. Hopefully it’ll lead to better gameplay.

The Knights were bullet-sponges and the Watchers were a pain to fight in Halo 4. Hopefully the Knights will fight similarly to an Elite-Hunter hybrid, and the Soldiers will now make up the bulk of the Promethean army. They have more potential than the Knights do.

I’m assuming the Soldiers are now the main frontline troops, while the Knights are the BAs that you send in when BAs are needed.

I can only assume because of that, it overall makes them easier to fight. I don’t necessarily mind that, but I’m hoping Knights aren’t as rare as Hunter engagements are.