Thoughts on New Waypoint?

I like it minus the fact you can no longer see the legendary times on mcc. Im really hoping they bring it back it makes it hard to know which levels i need to do better on for the achievements that require you to be under 3 hours

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Is there a fix in the works so I and others can view the main page on Firefox or other browsers like Edge?

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Such irony if it doesn’t actually work in Edge.

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I wish there was some carryover or feature that recognized users of the 2010-2021 waypoint (or maybe there is and I missed it). That was quite the run the old version had! Glad to see something new and exciting to use come out though.

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I can view everything on Edge (both PC & Android) without issue. If the site displays OK in Chrome, it should display fine in any other Chromium based browser.

Firefox isn’t Chromium based from memory, so perhaps Firefox doesn’t have a big enough market share to develop for (that’s a guess). What’s the issue with the site display on that browser?

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I saw someone say they were having issues on Edge so maybe it’s an isolated case. The issue on Firefox is I can’t view the main page, service record, news, esports or insider. It just gives me either a blank page or an accessibility error (don’t remember the exact wording). I can see the content load for like half a second and then those two issues happen.


Could we please get an option to be able to enable/disable the ‘Top Posts’ category showing on the home page? I find it annoying so a choice would be nice. Thank you.

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Go to your preferences, then select ‘Interface’, then set your preference in ‘Default Home Page’ to whatever you prefer - choice is ‘Latest’, ‘New’, ‘Top’ or ‘Unread’

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I appreciate you trying to help, but that doesn’t completely remove that section like I’m wanting. Having anything there, regardless if it’s new, top, etc. is what annoys me. I’d like it to just be the available forum categories visible only and not have to scroll past the (as per my currently set preference) top posts to get to them.

I should note that I have it set to Categories as that’s my preferred layout because I want to be able to scroll to one and go from there, and that always shows the top posts at the top.

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It’s a shame ranks are gone. I was one of the few Master of Unicorns.

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I’ve viewing in Firefox now, and it seems OK. No issues that I can find. Some possibilities:

  • clear cache
  • try in incognito (private browsing) - could be an extension interaction
  • check firefox version (seems unlikely)
  • check dev console (Ctl+Shift+i) for hints

Thanks. This is what I think it said the error was.

In your production application a client-side error occured that was not caught by an error boundary. Addition information should be visible in the console tab of your browser.

I like it, but as you said, I’ve barely used it. It’s always gonna be a little awkward changing from one layout to another, but after a while it does usually feel better to use.

The only things I don’t like about it is that I can’t find my spartan company commendations any more also when viewing my time to try and complete reach’s campaign in under 3 hours it shows the time in I am guessing seconds. I want to get the Achilles helmet so, I have been slowly making progress on it and been coming here to see what I have to do but, now I can’t find the spartan company any where. As for the reach’s time, I know I completed 1 mission in under 6 mins but when I look at it on waypoint it shows 427.766 as my best time.

It seems a little clunky at this moment, maybe after some updates it will be a smooth experience.

Most have covered some of the bigger issues. So won’t say much other then that I absolutely hate that Spartan company stuff is gone and that all legacy game data is gone.

As for the new system itself, I see that badges aren’t being awarded as they should. Such as reading the guidelines, reading all comments on a threat with at least 100 replies, etc.

I’m not a big fan of it at all
I like the previous one a lot more then this garbage

The reading the Guidelines one might be specific - I got it by clicking the menu then FAQ. It popped immediately.

The 100 replies one I got several days after I hit the 100. I don’t know whether there was just a delay in awarding or there’s a condition you need to meet that isn’t obvious.

The other ones I got popped immediately on meeting the requirements, though the ‘Member’ on popped late in the afternoon, but the benefits weren’t there until next morning.

So did the guidelines on the computer vs my phone and it popped almost immediately. Might be an issue with it on Mobile. redid a post with 145 replies… didn’t pop so maybe there is a delay with that. Thanks for letting me know though!

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