Thoughts on Infinites future

So everyone knows that Infinite launched somewhat good, but playerbase dropped fast because of the lacking content. 343I live service didn’t help either, the event were bad. Many issues, still many issues.

But I believe this game can turn around and become a masterpiece if 343I manage to make good decisions forward.

I don’t believe Infinites playerbase will increase very much, I think that’s too late.
But if they pull out some really good seasons after season 3, I think if they do it right, maybe the playerbase will get up to the launch numbers.

The great potential is there, 343I just needs to pull the right strings.

So what do you think? Will Infinite get high population again? Or do you think it’s too late to make things right?

I think the chance is there, it’s just very small.


For those of us who have played them all, occasionally moaned, screamed and ranted.
We will continue to play, in all honesty I don’t know why but I just will.

However on virtually every other front this game has missed the boat, with so much potential that 343 have not capitalised on. Through time or financial pressure we will never know.

Halo is not to the standard that casual players can find elsewhere and so this won’t turn them into Halo Players.
Too little to late…………how did they not foresee this !


my answer remains the same this game is irredeemable.


I find balanced matches in whatever I search day after day. Whether the population is 2,000 or 300,00, I’m enjoying the game and playing quick matches that are competitive.

I do believe that with great content and seasons in the future that are actual “seasonal” lengths that the player population can and will increase. With great content brings population of players.

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That’s delusional. Infinite has already blown it’s shot. Best case scenario, the population doubles what it is now for a while, then it’ll drop off again.


I think they are already winding it down. If season 3 lasts 6 months, we will be at August 2023 when season 4 drops. I doubt we see anything beyond season 6 at the most. That’s well into 2024. From a budget standpoint, every new season needs to justify its costs and the player count has dropped dramatically, so I could see them ending “live service” support in 2024.


I would argue that at this point, while Infinite could see a resurgence and have ten times the current player count, I doubt it will ever get back up to launch numbers.

First of all, there are a significant number of people (like myself) who came for the campaign. It was decent, but not very deep, so lots of those folks have uninstalled and are just waiting for the next campaign, which will probably be a while. If the next campaign also fails to provide that depth, we will probably dip again pretty soon after.

Secondly, There were lots of people who came at launch to check it out, but who would have turned back to other MP games with better progression systems.

Even if updates made Infinite more popular again, there is no way that the marketing for the new seasonal content would rival the pre-launch marketing and it certainly couldn’t rival the pre-launch hype.

  1. Can Infinite rebound in terms of playerbase/population? what this asks is really if Infinite can grab a casual audience and convince people that play Fortnite or Apex or what have you to get on the Halo train. The simple answer is that without a BR mode, without good staple modes like Infection or Invasion or Warzone, without a fun PvE mode there is zero chance they could convince anybody to jump over. 343i have actually been pretty consistent and solid at releasing new gametypes or modes from the past or new ones in Infinite, so if we get a BR mode season 3, and they build the game out in terms of what players can play I believe they could have a game that is worthwhile for casual players.
  2. Can Infinite be a great game for Halo fans? Absolutely. In terms of its basic design and fundamentals its a rock solid Halo title, it just needs to fix some of the bigger issues (such as Desync) and give fans the basic stuff they’ve been asking for since before launch (Co-op, splitscreen, Forge, basically any actual content or anything we used to have with older Halo’s) and it’ll do a great job of retaining a small yet super dedicated fanbase.

Frankly the chances of Infinite rebounding are slim nowadays. If this were launch and 343i were a good company it would be a very easy and simple solution… Just release content to keep the current population afloat, but considering the game is now very unpopular they would have to do some insane and ambitious ideas to have any chance. It is sad to think how many players 343i has thrown away since launch for this game, you can’t tell me that tons of people wouldn’t have stayed around if this game had Forge and Co-op at launch, you can’t tell me that an ambitious roadmap or say good content drops wouldn’t have done loads to keep the current playerbase intact… No Infinite was killed due to neglect unfortunately.

When you consider that MW2 and Warzone 2 are coming soon (right around the time of Forge release) it becomes obvious just how detrimental releasing a half baked Halo game is, their single biggest chance at redemption for this game will be unnoticed because they decided to wait an entire year to unveil one of their biggest features. Infinite is probably doomed but it has say a 10-20% chance and that’s only if CA release a really really good BR mode by season 3.

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I’m going to be playing MW2. It is difficult for games to shine right now, especially. It’s not just about the current competition, it’s about the future too. There are constantly things happening in every other game, new games released, special events, free games. I could spend 1,000 hours gaming and never even think twice about Halo. That’s what every gamer is facing right now.

I don’t even know how any developer can make the call as to what will constantly engage players, because it seems an impossible task.

well in general the amount of competition is far higher than anything before. You have so many games out now that a player can spend hundreds of hours in without getting bored its nuts. Have you ever actually looked through the Microsoft store? Dude there are so many games on there that I couldn’t remember its surreal. I and a friend have been playing a game called Vikings: Wolves of Midgard (we got it free with Gold like a year ago lol, don’t judge us) and that game is super super long and is packed with content (unfortunately for us) so like even small games are not so small anymore.

a game (specifically a franchise) like Halo has it so easy. They have so much material to work with, have so many options they can explore that its very difficult to see the series actually die off. Infinite flops? Well they can just try again with a different styled game. Most franchises cannot just release crap and sell anything like Halo can, Splitgate devs recently just moved on and frankly they are probably a better studio than 343i are. If Bungie didn’t make nothing but masterpieces in their hayday there is zero chance Halo would’ve continued past Halo 4, they can release crap and the community will say it doesn’t stink so bad. If they literally do anything remotely positive it’ll be praised to high heavens.

This is why Infinite is savable, because if they release a big and awesome content drop even if the population was like 20k people there would still be hundreds of thousands of people that would pay attention, so 343i are basically the Antonio Brown of game development studios. They have so much ability/talent that even when they burn your team (Halo) you still have to put up with them because you recognize they are the only hope you have of reaching the Super Bowl lol.

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Some things about this game bother me but all in all I do like it and keep playing it. It’s a fairly fast paced game so not much down time and the genera player base seem t be pretty decent (plenty of exceptions) but overall for al the whining and moaning from everyone it’s still fun and I’ll continue to play it.


Future very much up in the air right now. Without seeing actual financial numbers, I’m assuming the game greatly underperformed what the expectations were based on the abysmal player count. Feels like we’re moving closer and closer to the point where they say this is a terrible return on investment and not worth it and pull the plug for ongoing support.

Could 343 eventually make this an amazing game if they had all the time and resources in the world? Sure it’s a possibility. But very unlikely that they’ll get forever to work on it if they keep screwing up as bad as they have.

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I wouldn’t say it’s too late. The game just needs a massive overhaul and a fresh “relaunch.”

Even Fortnite was hot garbage when it first came out.

With resent News I think halo infinites future is bright. That said it will take time for things to improve a year at the least. well more liek 6 months but still.

They are basically taking a sky scraper removing the foundation and rebuilding the first 4 floors while the rest has to stay standing and active not an easy thing to do.

That said, the game will improve just like Halo 5, No mans sky, Fallout 76, and a few others. Give it time and don’t let the hate burning in you burn you out.

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Fortnite is an extremely rare example. The game was literally built for one thing, then they saw the success of PubG or Dayz and decided to pivot to Battle Royale… Its basically one of a kind in terms of a game that went from being almost irrelevant right after launch to now being the #1 game for many many years.

Infinite will never rebound to that extent, its unlikely any game ever will.

relaunches are never quite as successful or as important as the original one was, all they do is give the people that are sort of on the fence a reason to come back and enjoy the game again.

Infinite needs:

  • a BR mode
  • a good PvE mode
  • tons of basic features and such that longterm fans expect from a Halo title
  • some sort of DLC or expansion upon its existing Campaign

Understand that with each passing day it becomes less and less likely to succeed long term. It’ll take 2 years before Infinite gets most if not all what it needs, in this timespan tons of games are entering the fold and lots of games are working on their own DLC or events.

Basically if the roadmap is accurate Infinite is completely doomed. We have to hope that CA release a BR mode in order for this game to have any chance whatsoever. Even season 3 is too far off arguably.

Yeah Bonnie Ross being let go is a Godsend to this game and to future ones. The guy they are replacing her with seems far more reliable too.

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Someone isn’t following the news on halo, look at some leaks.

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Nah i saw the news. Like i said, we’ll see what they do. You can talk all day long about changes but until you actually do something, then I’ll start paying attention to infinite lol.

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