Thoughts on Infinites armor customization?

The takeaway from Halo Reach’s customization will brought into Halo Infinite and will most definitely bring the action and freedom when it comes to all upcoming armor modifications. From what I’ve seen and heard 343I has not disappointed the Halo community. In all exciting news, Infinite being able to have millions of customizations through this new content. Halo Infinite’s armor customization will let players change their helmet and its own attachments, armor attachments, chest gear, knee guards, separate shoulder pads, gloves and wrist gear, utilities, visor, prosthetics, spartan voices, and even more to be yet released.
With all the hype for Halo Infinite’s release I was wondering everyone’s thoughts on the new armor and what the upcoming future could look like for 343’s announcements. Spartan TRIP - out

im wondering how to get the samiri spartan armor

Oh man I absolutely can’t wait to see what comes from Halo Infinites customization. It’s going to be great I think.

If 343 confirmed that the system of customization would be like Halo Reach was, That would be perfect.

yes the new customization that will arrive in halo infinite will be really great.