Thoughts on Infinite

Going into the beta, I had absolutely no interest in playing this game. I’ve been a fan of the games since Halo 2 and my favorite game in the series is Halo 3; so when it comes to the direction I’d like to see Halo go, I would like to see a new game made along the same lines as those two. To me, Infinite just seemed like any other FPS that’s been released in the last couple of years: visually similar to games like Destiny, and taking mechanics from games like Doom and Titanfall.

After having played the beta, I can honestly say that I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would. While I still don’t believe that Halo and Sprint are able to coexist due to the affect it has on map design, this game at least manages to keep the same focus on sandbox gameplay that made the originals so appealing. I’m happy to say that at the very least I am having fun while playing the game, but that doesn’t mean that I enjoy everything about it.

My number one complaint about this game, before even getting to the customization and battlepass, is that there is a very noticeable issue with getting kills in this game. I believe its a server issue. It feels like there’s at least a half second delay between when you shoot somebody and when they actually receive damage or die. I’ve noticed several instances where myself or my opponent have died after the other’s gun has stopped firing. What makes this even worse is that it leads to moments where I will try to run away from a fight (with the flag in my hand, of course) only to be killed from around the corner because the server forgot to tell my opponent that I wasn’t on his/her screen anymore.

I don’t feel like I need to say very much about the battlepass, or the unlock system; If you really want to hear about people’s problems with it, you can to to just about any other post on this forum and see that. For myself, however, I like the options that are there, but I hate that I can’t interact with the system much at all unless I pay for the battlepass. I think that if the game is going to launch with a system like this, then there at least needs to be a few armor options available by default. At bare minimum, there should be all of the color options for ROYGBIV unlocked by default. Beyond that though, this game could actually use even more customization options. Where are the Elites? Why not let us play as the Brutes for the first time? Why not let us change our AI’s color, shape, and voice? There’s a whole lot of untapped potential here new customization options for the community to enjoy and it would even provide more incentives to buy battlepasses, a win-win for everyone.

The last thing that I have to complain about isn’t even something that’s become a proper issue yet, and that is that the campaign, the stand-alone campaign, costs $60. This better be the greatest, longest, most immersive FPS campaign in existence if 343 is expecting us to pay this much money for this cut up piece of a game. It wouldn’t be so bad if it also came with a lot of stuff for the multiplayer portion, but it doesn’t look like it does. I’m not asking for much, maybe just a few armor pieces/sets that are unlocked through campaign challenges, or maybe having the campaign purchase also act as one of the battlepasses, something to make it feel like its more worth paying for.

If anyone agrees with these thoughts on the game, wants to challenge something I said, or wants to share their own thoughts on my post, please feel free to say something. I’d love to hear what you have to say. :slightly_smiling_face: