Thoughts on how the ranking system should change

I saw a video discussing the current ranked system and 343’s response to some concerns in regards to player progression. I wanted to share some thoughts about the type of system I would hope to eventually see in Halo. 343 did say something about a graph that showed the distribution of players among the ranks in the current system. The graphs showed an as expected bell curve for the most part but the diamond 1 rank in particular was what I would consider an outliar. They said that their intentions for average player placement was Platinum 1 rank. Something else that was very noticable was very few players in bronze and even silver ranks. They also mentioned the issue with the outlier of Diamond 1 being that some of the players were placed into this after their first 10 placement games and then stopped playing ranked. This means that with no degrading system the people who were placed there never go up or down if they just stop playing the ranked matches. That’s true for anyone after their initial placement. Changes I propose are as follows.

  • Average starting rank placement should target Gold 1 with generous placement throughout Silver and Gold.
  • No player should be given placement rank higher then Platinum 6.
  • Players should need to play a minimum of 5 ranked games per week or suffer a rank drop of 2. (Example: Gold 1 down to Silver 5)
  • After 4 or 5 weeks of missing the 5 game minimum players rank be removed and an option to start over with another 10 placement games.
  • Once a player achieves Onyx rank they cannot derank out by missing the 5 game minimum.
  • Ranks should be pliable up and down depending on a players ability, and a penalty placed on players that afk or quit ranked matches.

What I would hope this system to achieve is a stronger incentive for players that are interested in a ranked playlist to strive to do better and at minimum maintain their placement. Onyx should be everyones target but be meant for the best players. I don’t believe a ranking system should intentionally strive to have the majority of players in the top 3 groups of a 6 group system, especially with the way Onyx is handled with it not being the same as the lower 5. I feel like many players are too content with their ranks in the current system since they were placed so close to the end goal to begin with. I’m sure some additional tweeking to the way players gain and lose rank depending on skill would be needed and Onyx should be treated even more inportantly in this regard.