Thoughts on Halo infinite

So I had some thoughts on Halo Infinite

1 is if they ever add some of the classic weapons back into the game I hope hope hope they don’t just add them to multiplayer I hope they also had them to campaign

2 is something I’m hoping for but I doubt will be in the game I think it would be a nice feature in both multiplayer and campaign to be able to customize your HUD display

3 is skulls there’s a variety of skulls I like in Halo 2 that I’m hoping we’ll be in Halo Infinite bandana is one of my favorite

4 has to do with customization I think customizing your Spartan being locked by a paid system or partially paid system and achievements is this dumb all symbols should be unlocked from the beginning of the game just like in Halo 2 they need to give us back the ability to choose the color we want or armor coatings is what they’re now are now using and did not lock everything

5 is will there be a firefight mode in Halo Infinite I haven’t heard anything about there being one so that’s why I am asking


I agree with most of your thoughts on Infinite, especially the HUD customisation option as I don’t think this is intrusive to those who like it as is and I somewhat agree with your opinion on customisation. I personally like a system where players have to seek challenges or achievements to unlock armour and other cosmetic items opposed to a battle pass system, however I could be wrong and it could be some sort of hybrid system involved with Infinite which is okay.

Also, I am sure that they will bring a firefight mode back to Halo as it seems to be pretty popular! Perhaps if not, another fun gamemode will take the throne. Anyways, these are just my thoughts and opinions. :slight_smile: