Thoughts on guest musicians in Infinite?

I really loved it when H2 featured Breaking Benjamin’s Blow Me Away and also got Steve Vai to do some riffing. Sadly, since then, we basically haven’t seen any mahor artist cameo in the game OSTs. So what artists would you like be featured in Infinite?

Ok my thoughts :
(I’m a metalhead so expect bias)
I would really love to go with A7x or Metallica, but A7x always do stuff for CoD BO (one of which on the horizon) and Metallica are ig “too big”. Getting BB back would be really sweet, but to spice things up, I think bringing in Trivium and/or Megadeth would be really nice. Now Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s frontman is quite a boomer so idk bout him, but Trivium members are gamers and are also quite young and open minded. Plus I think Trivium’s current style would fit extremely well with Halo.

Just bring Vai back. He dug it the last two times. Next one will surely be the charm Infinite needs.