Thoughts on grenade impact…

I wanted to get thoughts from everyone on how you guys’ feel about what happens when a grenade explodes with a Spartan by it?

For the longest time when a grenade exploded and your Spartan was above it, you would shoot out way further and can reach higher places, do cool trick shots, etc.

It looks like Halo Infinite doesn’t have that, overall do you feel like this was a good change or would you like the developers to bring it back?

I’m Lowkey really missing the cool things you could do with the grenades so a big part of me wants them to bring that back.

Let me know your thoughts and I hope to see you all in the next flight :pray:

The physics in Halo: Infinite for the gravity hammer and grenades are gone unfortunately, so I’m hoping they can bring it back I don’t think it’s a good change you can’t even launch of items anymore.