Thoughts on fiesta and event in infinite? (poll)

  • I am loving fiesta so far!
  • it’s pretty good
  • it could be better
  • i hate it

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use the poll and replies to express how you’re liking the first halo: infinite!

(also this is my first post :grinning: )

The store has more choice than the event battle pass, I’m speechless lol.


Especially when they advertised that the Yoroi armor is what would be apart of the free event.


I voted it could be better because I much prefer Fiesta with objective in FFA than team modes. It used to be multikill heaven.

I like the free event stuff though, that’s great.

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The event is okay I guess. Bunch of useless stuff in the BP but okay. The thing I don’t really like about Fiesta is how it highlights that I really don’t like most of the weapons in Infinite. And, spawn with a Hammer or Sword? Easy kills for you as there barely is anything CQB worthy to challenge those weapons. I guess H5 spoiled Fiesta for me with its insane and awesome weird weapons.

So… Okay? I guess.

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I like how there’s more armor here than on the free part of the battle pass and Fiesta fun as always, BUT, i don’t like what i saw on the blog “Once you have completed all available Event Challenges in a given week you will have progressed as far as possible until the next Fracture: Tenrai event”, does that mean we can’t get the 30 tiers this week and have to wait until january?
Didn’t they say if we can’t get progress, next time it appears were more opportunities, not that the event is made in parts to progress every time it appears.


I like Fiesta but in this state Fiesta is boring.

yeah i thought that too
and im pretty sure yes, we have to wait :frowning:

To split hairs, the core itself is free. The upgrades in terms of colorings, shoulder, knee, visor colors for the core are not free.

I think it’s absolute trash myself personally, but that’s how they’ll frame their statement. It should all be free. And since bots in customs have split armor across different cores than it’s designed for, give us that I think.

Compared to Halo 5 Fiesta, it’s kinda of dull. It’s fun don’t get me wrong, but this would be a great way to reintroduce all of the req variants of weapons we had in Halo 5. Currently the sandbox feels a little small for Fiesta.

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The weapon distribution is all out of whack. I’ve had 3 games in a row where I spawn with a BR and sidekick and never end up getting nice guns. If its gonna be fiesta it’s gotta be chaotic with everyone spamming launchers and grenades. This just feels like slightly less boring slayer.

I was having a lot of fun playing Fiesta. I hate that they are going to cap the exp.
I never understood it in Reach either, I remember hitting the exp cap one day.
Introduce an EXP system. Make it grindy. Cap the EXP.
Trifecta of terrible.

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I have a love-hate relationship with Halo: Infinite’s Fiesta. On the one hand, I love it. It’s chaos. On the other, I just wish I wouldn’t constantly spawn with the Ravager and pistols, and spawn with a SPNKR or an Energy Sword every once in while like the other team does.

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I like the addition of also spawning with random equipment, but coming from H5 the sandbox is of course a bit less exciting.
Wouldn’t mind if they added objectives to the playlist.

I’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship on behemoth with fiesta; on one hand the random vehicle spawns are cool (finally had some scorpion fun), but on the other hand the open nature of the map gives precision weapons a major advantage which is uncounterable if you spawn with a CQB set.

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i agree with all that lol

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Fiesta is always great, the event itself is just as bad as normal progression.

Fiesta and the gameplay are fantastic as someone who always loved Fiesta in the past, again its just the terrible systems outside of gameplay that stick out more than anything. Intentionally limiting player progression? Give me an absolute break. I am scared to see this games content plans if they are stretching this barebones event across multiple weeks.

I don’t like Fiesta. I’ve never liked Fiesta and being forced to play it to advance the Event BP just makes me not want to play.

The weapon sandbox is just too small and specialised for Fiesta really to be fun.