Thoughts on Fiesta 4v4?

It’s fun, don’t get me wrong. But it feels like we have little amount of weapons to play around with.
What do you guys think?

I think it could be good if it weren’t for the bad challenges. Currently one I am stuck on is get 5 kill joys in fiesta… It’s the last one I need to do and it feels like a chore.

If they didn’t have the challenges I could see it being a mode I’d play once in a while for a laugh. But trying to grind through it with the challenges is bad.

Luck of the draw is pretty garbage IMO. I like a bit more structure to modes something like Arms Race from CS:GO would be preferred

It’s fun and frustrating at the same time. I would like to spawn with the Ravager fewer times and have the Grav-Hammer like the opposing team seems to spawn with constantly.

It’s ok, better then BTB but worse then ranked.

Getting 5 kill joys just might be the worst challenge. Basically you are relying on other players to help complete your challenge. At least with the other challenges you are solely responsible for completing it.

For sure. I wish there was a way to exploit this like if they were earnable via custom match or something

It’s absolutely terrible as a game mode you are forced to play for wins and or other challenges/objectives. Forcing it as a part of completing your weekly challenges is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. I have used most of my swaps to get rid of bad Fiesta challenges. However I’m down to my last which is get 3 wins and I’m afraid to swap and get something worse. I don’t want to play the mode but have to if I want the weekly challenges armor coating. I have 1 out of 3 wins and in my last couple of matches, which were not fun or enjoyable, I get teammates that are atrocious. No way you’re winning with people running straight into death over and over. Spawning with the plasma pistol 3 times in a row while getting rocketed, cindershot etc is also a real “blast”. SMH at 343.

The fact that they made challenges on a purely random mode is a major mistake. Even getting 5 Kill streaks is a chore. as you said spawning with plasma pistols and junk while everyone else spawns with swords, hammers, rockets, etc… yup real fun, almost enough for me to put the game down and wait for campaign. 343 FIX THIS GARBAGE.

The challenge system as a whole could have a place but skill based xp will always be better than dumb random challenges that have elements of them randomized, be it game mode, map type or what have you.

If they are going to have weapon specific challenges, make them so they can be completed in Weapon Drills (get 3 stars on tier 3 with bulldog, rather than get 10 kills with bulldog in matchmade games). If they are going to have objective based challenges thats fine but let us choose our mode.

Less the amount of rockets, swords, and gravity hammers and it’ll be better

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I feel like we should have fiesta for other game modes as well and even for BTB. Might be more fun and chaotic.

Also drop percentage on Rockets, Gravity Hammers, Swords.

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