Thoughts on exclusive helmets in paid packs?

The other day, a friend of mine and I were looking through our collected helmets and we both realized we were missing all of the same ones. These of course were the helmets featured in the Classic Helmets Pack. Me and him were both pretty annoyed since we didn’t really intend on spending money to obtain these helmets, and the only other way to obtain them was to grind for 150,000 Req Points and hope the pack would appear in the store one day. I’m just curious on what others think about these helmets being locked to certain packs.

The REQ store rotates fairly often, any helmet packs will be back in store over time. Just got to wait.

Im not really bothered by it to be honest, Halo 5’s REQ system was essentially based off of the same premise so it’s not really much of a difference to me.

Either get REQ points which aren’t too hard to get or pay with money to shortcut the grind.

If I’m not mistaken, I have all the helmets in the game except the Timmy.