Thoughts on Camo Armor Skins/Future of Skins

This is a minor thing to complain about, but I felt like talking about it since that’s what the forum is for.

So when I first saw the exclusive armor skins being released by individual retailers, I saw that the HAZOP armor had the sweet Forest Skin. I thought to myself, finally, I can have a camo Spartan. However I didn’t realize till much later that the skin was only for the HAZOP armor, and not for any armor. So low and behold, I was a little disappointed.

I’ve wanted to have a camo paint scheme for a while now in Halo. I like the real world military aesthetic, and have always to some degree wished it was in Halo a little more.

So what are your thoughts on camo skins for all armor? Or perhaps just a set of skins that can be unlocked and used on all armors?

Yeah, sounds okay.

If they put in camo patterns, or even patterns you can customize, for all armors, I’d like that.

i would want skins to be available for all armors.

It felt like the armors were a last minute thing. Like the weapons only having one variant? The storm rifle didnt? Idk it felt to me like more could’ve been done.

Skins, if they were to do them at all, should have been you unlock it once, for either armor or weapon, then it can be applied to any armor or weapon you can start with.