Thoughts on Blue team being in infinite?

Maybe having blue team in to kill the silent shadow knowing they are part of the banished would be really crazy and exciting in my opinion! Thoughts?

I hope both Blue Team and Osiris make an appearance, at least as side characters.
Osiris would be a good medium to represent the Spartan IVs as a whole, and Blue Team are 20 years overdue a badass moment in game.

I hope they’re not initially in it but that’s only because I think they deserve more. There was so much going on in Guardians that the story never really had the time to flush them out as characters for people who haven’t read the novels and I don’t want the same to happen here.

Considering there’s a 10 year plan for Infinite I think it’s safe to assume we get some story DLCs in the coming years. If that’s the case, I’d much rather they get their own DLC that focuses specifically on them before they get wrapped back into the next Chief-centric campaign.

Considering their 10 year plan for Inifinite I hope 343 will flesh out Blue Team in a DLC.

I remember 343i said the campaign will be all focused on the Chief, without any other spartan team, if blue team will appear in infinite will be in a radio transmission or a recording as an easter egg.

I would love to see Frederic-104, kelly-087 and Linda-058 appearing in the upcoming Halo Infinite. It will be great to see them getting their own DLC campaign levels in the new Halo video game.

I’ll be happy if we even get a reference of them!

at least we get to see locke though. he sure doesn’t look happy on that brute’s shoulder!

I adored having Blue Team in H5, even if I’d have liked more than we got. Chief is great, but, Blue Team is Chief to the millionth power.

I know it’s not the way Infinite is going, which does sadden me, bit I would be all over a game that was just Blue Team. Hell, I’m sure Infinite could have been Blue Team instead of just Chief.