Thoughts on a daily log in bonus to help with the HI battle pass progression?

I was never a fan of the REQ system in H5 (mostly because it was P2W), but I could see a daily log in bonus being beneficial such as a challenge swap, double xp for 15 minutes, or a very small amount of credits (rare to get this) and this would help overall progression in the battle pass.

It’s something small, but it would help players get that one tier they’ve been struggling for, passing up a challenge they find impossible to complete (for myself thats get 15 kills with the Commando), or help players save up for something they really want in the store.


I like this a lot. As it use to be a normal challenge in halo 5 and reach

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Pay to Look Cool*, but I digress. Daily login streaks and XP bonuses would be helpful, and honestly appreciated. Right now, the game doesn’t acknowledge your commitment and time.

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I’m very opposed to daily login streaks as it would push the monetization even more into a mobile game style. We shouldn’t call for more predatory business practices when we have a rich history of halo games with a superb customization system.

How is a loyalty system the epitome of predatory monetization?

You’re absolutely right about shutting down suggestions for predatory practices, but I really don’t see the correlation.

Daily login rewards are a mechanic to keep engagement numbers up by arbitrary forcing players to log in every day. It enforces daily login without adding benefit to the player, it’s just a chore you have to do and if you miss a day you are heavily punished for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the same boat of improving battle pass progression but I would enjoy a player friendly solution way more, like more XP for good performance in a game or a more diverse and enjoyable challenge sandbox like Halo Reach did with the Commendation System.

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Fair enough. It’s not like they wouldn’t monetize a login streak system either.

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15 kills with a Commando is nothing compared to 3 kills with Banshee Fuel Rod guns. At least every map/ game mode has a Commando in it and people don’t grab it the second it spawns everytime…

True, I’ve very rarely come across any banshees and I’ve never been lucky enough to grab them